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Negligent Hernia Surgery Claims

Hernias are a symptom that doctors come across on a regular basis, that if diagnosed and treated promptly should cause no long-term damage to the patient. Maybe not so surprisingly, older people suffer more from the condition than their younger counterparts as a consequence of ageing and the abdominal muscles weakening.

Although it is quite a straightforward procedure, with so many neighbouring organs close to the bowel there is huge potential for things to go wrong. If your surgery has not gone to plan and you have suffered as a result, contact us to see if you could have grounds to make a hernia surgery medical negligence compensation claim.

What is Hernia Surgery?

Inguinal hernia surgery, the most common type of hernia, is a fairly straightforward operation to correct weakness of the abdominal wall that allows fatty tissue, or part of your bowel, to push through the muscle wall.

Hernias tend to be easy to spot because of the tell-tale bulge that appears at the groin and if caught early, it can be forcibly pushed back into place. Surgery will only usually be recommended if the hernia causes severe or persistent symptoms, or if any serious complications develop. For the patient, suffering a hernia can be extremely uncomfortable and it will disrupt everyday activities like walking, shopping, driving and even standing straight.

These complications can include an obstruction, where part of the bowel becomes stuck in the inguinal wall or strangulation, where a section of the bowel becomes trapped and its blood supply is cut off. The longer an organ is starved of oxygen, the more chance of it dying so it is important that if a doctor suspects strangulation, the patient is given emergency surgery as soon as possible.

Your doctor should discuss both options of surgery with you: an open surgery which is more invasive with one cut made to access the abdomen, or laparoscopic ‘keyhole’ surgery where the hernia is accessed using special surgical instruments through smaller incisions. Both surgical procedures have their own inherent risks and even failure to explain these to you can constitute medical negligence, especially if you were not happy with this decision.

Common Negligent Hernia Surgery Injuries

  • Perforation of other organs
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Organ strangulation
  • Organ death
  • Nerve damage
  • Infection

These complications are often linked with medical negligence during hernia repair operations, which can result in the patient having to endure further surgery and a longer recovery. This can then have a knock on effect on their finances as they cope with more time spent from work and their social lives, if they feel too unwell to interact with others.

Where medical negligence has contributed to your condition getting worse, you should contact us so that we can assess your eligibility for a hernia surgery compensation claim.

How to make a Negligent Hernia Surgery Claim

It is often difficult to cope when surgery goes wrong, especially when it is at the hands of another person’s negligence.

If you feel that you have suffered negligence as a result of your surgeon our solicitors can help you to make a negligent hernia surgery claim for compensation.

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