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Anaesthetic Error Claims

Anaesthetists are highly-trained specialists and have a significant role in the monitoring of a patient pre and post-surgery.

Despite being highly trained there are circumstances in which anaesthetists make mistakes that can have detrimental effects on their patient’s lives. If this applies to you our medical negligence solicitors can secure the compensation you deserve by making an anaesthetic errors claim.

Types of Anaesthetic

Anaesthesia literally translates as ‘loss of sensation’ so therefore medications that cause this loss of feeling are called anaesthetics.

They work by stopping the nerve signals that keep you awake and aware from reaching the brain so you are in an induced state of sleep. Once the anaesthetic begins to wear off the nerve signals return to normal, hence the ‘coming round’ that patients experience after an operation.

Generally, the main two types of anaesthetic used are local and general. A general anaesthetic is given to patients to put them to sleep so that they have no awareness of the surgical procedure, whereas local anaesthetic will desensitise a particular area so that while a patient is still awake, they cannot feel any pain.

Anaesthetic can be administered as an injection into the vein which affects the body fairly quickly; as an ointment, spray, or a gas, such as during labour where ‘gas and air’ is inhaled to bring about pain relief.

How do Anaesthetic Errors happen?

Much like the risks associated with any surgical procedure, the same apply to anaesthetic. Side effects can occur and should be discussed with the patient at length before the procedure takes place so they can prepare for how they may feel.

For instance, general anaesthetic requires careful monitoring to ensure a patient does not wake up during the procedure, which can happen should the patient not have been given a high enough dose.

Finding yourself awake during an invasive operation but unable to express that you are in pain is extremely traumatic and can result in long-term psychological issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Although when under local anaesthetic the patient is awake, the same error can occur meaning the patient feels more pain. Or the injection itself may be administered incorrectly causing permanent nerve damage and paralysis.

On the other hand, if too high a dose of anaesthetic is administered, it can result in irreversible brain damage from being in an induced coma for too long.

How to make an Anaesthetic Error Claim

Compensation cannot help a person forgot the terrifying ordeal of waking up during an operation or suffering at the hands of a medical professional, but it can help you and your family with any costs incurred after the procedure.

Fighting a legal battle may sound overwhelming but we are here to guide you through the process with professional support and advice.

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