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Industrial Deafness

Industrial deafness is a progressive disease, as the symptoms often go unnoticed for years before they fully develop. This is why those affected do not realise that their hearing loss is not just a factor of getting older, but it is due to the negligence of a former employer. are solicitors with over 15 years of experience in dealing with industrial deafness claims.

What is Industrial Deafness?

Industrial deafness occurs as a result of regular exposure to levels of high noise.

Industrial deafness claims are commonly made due to the exposure to high levels of noise in the work place and can occur in any working environment, not just industrial industries.

As the symptoms can often take years to develop, sufferers of industrial deafness often do not realise that their hearing loss is a result of employer negligence and are therefore unaware they are eligible to make a compensation claim.

Our noise induced hearing loss solicitors have seen many cases where the victim suffering from industrial deafness does not think they are eligible to make a claim as their former employer has been taken over or has ceased trading.

This is a common misconception in industrial deafness cases, as we are still able to help you to pursue a claim, even if your employer has closed down.

Common symptoms of Industrial Deafness

If you work, or have previously worked in a noisy environment, you may be familiar with some or all of the following symptoms associated with damage caused by noise exposure:

  • Muffled or muted sounds: For example, conversations sounding distant or having to raise the volume on the television/radio.
  • Missing certain sounds in a conversation: Losing the ability to pick out particular sounds in speech, such as a particular consonant like the ‘S’ sound.
  • Difficultly hearing conversations when there is background noise: For instance, missing parts of conversation when in a group or even being unable to hear others talking because of background noise in a restaurant.

Tinnitus: This can be a ‘ringing’ or ‘buzzing’ sound in the ears and is often one of the more distressing symptoms of hearing damage. There are varying degrees of tinnitus, if severe enough tinnitus can cause symptoms so intense that it is virtually impossible for the sufferer to concentrate on conversations or their work responsibilities. Tinnitus can even cause sleep disorders.

How to make an Industrial Deafness Claim

If you can identify with any of these symptoms and believe that your problem is the result of working in a noisy environment then you may be suffering from Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) and be entitled to hearing loss compensation.

We make NIHL claims on behalf of our clients, ensuring that they are fully compensated for the losses they are suffering as a result of employer negligence.

The hearing loss compensation payout will be made on a no win no fee basis, so you have nothing to lose by making a claim with us.

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