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Industrial Disease Claims

Industrial diseases occur when health and safety guidelines are neglected by employers. Even if the working environment is considered dangerous employers still have a responsibility to provide methods of protection.

It is an employer’s legal obligation to ensure that their staff members are working in a safe environment,however a failure to provide a safe environment means that employees are vulnerable to contracting an industrial disease.

In most cases industrial diseases can be life altering, leaving those who are suffering from the injuries in need of care and extensive medical treatment.

This is why it is common for suffers of an industrial disease to seek compensation for their loss of health.

What is an Industrial Disease?

An industrial disease is an illness contracted by an employee or ex-employee who has carried out their usual duties in their regular working environment.

Common industrial diseases include asbestos related illnesses,such as asbestosis, mesothelioma or pleural plaques. These types of industrial diseases are caused by exposure to asbestos in the work place. Mesotheliomas the most common asbestos related.

Work related respiratory claims such as work related asthma and emphysema are also common industrial diseases.

Repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and vibration white finger also fall under industrial diseases and are common injuries within the modern workplace.

What is Industrial Injuries Disablement benefit?

In the UK a scheme is in place that provides those suffering from industrial injuries caused by their working environment with a weekly payment to improve their quality of life.

Industrial injuries disablement benefit is given to those who are ill or disabled following an accident or disease caused by their workplace. The scheme covers more than 70 diseases including asbestos related illnesses and industrial deafness.

The amount of benefit received is measured on a percentage scale, in order to be eligible for the benefit the injured must be considered at least 14% disabled.

Industrial Disease Claims

Unfortunately, with a number of industrial diseases it is common that many years pass before symptoms appear or a diagnosis is made.

Even if your former employer has been taken over, or long since closed down, we can still help you with your claim. Industrial disease claims can also be made on behalf of relatives who have sadly died as a result of contracting an industrial disease.

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