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Industrial disease comes in many different forms. It’s an employer’s duty to protect their staff from harm.


Industrial disease comes in many different forms. It’s an employer’s duty to protect their staff from harm.

Industrial Disease Claims

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Believing you’re safe at work is easily done, and why should we think any different? Laws are in place to provide a safe workplace for every employee, regardless of the job role or industry. It’s a safe bet that working in a builders yard presents more risk than sitting at a computer, but the duties of an employer set by the principal of “so far as is reasonably practicable’ are vague yet comprehensive enough to transcend theseboundaries.

Simply put, if you have contracted a disease or affliction whilst carrying out your day-to-day duties at work then you are entitled to seek compensation from your employer.

At Walker Prestons we understand that industrial disease claims are about more than seeking compensation for an injustice. Industry related diseases could wreak havoc on your life, depending on the affliction – hearing loss, for example, can be very distressing and stay with you for life. When negligent action leading to industrial disease was not your fault, you’re entitled to make a claim against those liable, so contact us today to start our simple, hassle free claims process.

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What types of industrial disease can Walker Prestons help with?

Industrial disease is the broad term given to any ailment or illness contracted whilst performing the day-to-day duties of a job role. An employer is guilty of putting their employees in harms way if the environment contains harmful factors leading to industrial disease that could have been reduced or eliminated through the use of certain equipment or processes. This gives massive scope to the range of industrial disease claims that Walker Prestons can help you with:

  • Hearing Loss Claims
  • Repetitive Strain Injury Claims
  • Work Related Dermatitis Claims
  • Asbestos Related Disease Claims
  • Work Related Asthma Claims
  • Other Industrial Disease Claims

Our No win, No fee service removes the risk of being caught with any unexpected bills, and coupled with our deeply committed approach to each individual case you can be sure that our only concern is getting the best possible result for each client.

How we can help you

Walker Prestons take great pride in helping victims of industrial disease. We believe that each client is unique, yet deserving of the same level of respect and service. We’re here to take some of the weight from your shoulders after the stress of industrial disease; our team of friendly staff is simply here to help you.

Industrial disease can cause plenty of upset and anxiety, the last thing any sufferer wants is a stressful claims procedure on top, so we have tailored ours to offer a hassle free experience:

  • With multiple ways to contact Walker Prestons, we’re always in reach
  • We keep constant contact with our clients to keep them up-to-date with how the case is progressing
  • Our advisors tailor advice to suit each unique circumstance, so you’ll never feel like just a number to us
  • Legal jargon is saved for the office; we speak to our clients in plain English

You really don’t have anything to lose, so contact Walker Prestons today where one of our friendly advisors will be waiting to offer you free, impartial advice on your industrial disease claim.

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