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Factory Accident Claims

As the environment is considered dangerous factories must have procedures in place that aim to protect employees against hazards and potential factory accidents. In some cases employers fail to implement these regulations resulting in factory accident claims.

Whether the factory accident that caused your injuries occurred as a result of failure to provide personal protective equipment (PPE), hazards in the workplace that cause slips, trips and falls or inadequate safety training when using heavy machinery our solicitors can help you to secure the compensation you deserve.

What is a Factory Accident?

Factory accidents can range from minor slips, trips and falls to severe, life changing accidents caused by the use of unsafe heavy machinery. As with any accident at work injuries sustained from a factory accident can range from minor ailments to severe injuries affecting the neck and back.

Precautions that must be taken by employers in order to avoid factory accidents include:

  • Providing personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Safety training courses for staff members
  • Using safety signs that alert employees to any possible hazards
  • Carrying out regular safety checks on all pieces of machinery

By following these measures and other regulations outlined by the Health and Safety Executive and the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) an employer is doing everything in their power to prevent accidents.

Even though most employers in the UK will follow these laws our solicitors have seen many cases where employers have failed to meet these requirements and their employees have suffered as a result.

Common causes of Factory Accidents

Factory accidents are often caused by employer negligence therefore they usually occur as a result of having inadequate safety measures in place.

Dangerous machinery is one of the most common causes of a factory accident, if employers have failed to provide safety talks on how to use the machinery the likelihood of an accident occurring is increased.

It is also the responsibility of an employer to ensure that the machinery within the factory is serviced and maintained as needed.

Slips, trips and falls in a factory caused by spillages, hazardous wires and failure to use safety signs are also a common cause of factory accidents. As in any workplace employers must implement appropriate safety signs to prevent accidents from happening.

How to make a Factory Accident Claim

We understand that the injuries you are suffering from can be life changing which is why our solicitors are here to guide you through the claims process, explaining each step as it happens.

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