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Road Traffic Accidents:

Any accident caused by the negligence of other drivers or dangerous conditions.

Industrial Diseases:

Diseases and afflictions caused by adverse working conditions in the past.

Accidents at Work:

Accidents caused by the carelessness or negligence of employers or co-workers.

Slips or Trips:

Injuries attained as a result of slips or trips that were not the fault of the injured party.

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With over 15 years of Personal Injury Claim experience; Walker Prestons is the solicitor firm dedicated to helping compensate the unfortunate and wronged.

If you have been injured in an accident or have developed an illness that was not your fault, then you may be entitled to make a Personal Injury Claim. Wherever the incident occurred, who was at fault or the implications it has had, you could be entitled to significant compensation. Our simple to use claims procedure could get you on the road to cash compensation in no time at all. Walker Prestons skilled team of solicitors work tirelessly for you to attain legal and civil justice so you can concentrate on recovery and recuperation.

Our Claim Process

  • 1If you believe that you may be entitled to make a Personal Injury Claim contact our skilled team of Personal Injury Solicitors.

    2Fill out the information pack sent to your address after the initial contact. Return the information pack to the address provided.

    3We will arrange for a medical to be provided in order to fully appreciate the extent of the injuries and their implications.

  • 4When all the information is collated and considered, we will submit a proposal to the opposition.

    5When the opposing party has received the offer and responds, we will begin negotiating a settlement.

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  • With years of industry experience; Walker Prestons’ team of skilled Injury Solicitors can help victims affected by almost any accident or disease. If your injury has prohibited you from continuing your personal and/or professional life, then you could be entitled to make a Personal Injury Claim.

    Whilst we cannot promise to heal your wounds or afflictions, we may be able to help you to continue your life as normally as possible. Any loss of income as a direct result of the injury or illness can be included in your personal injury claim.

    If you have suffered an industrial disease attributed to working conditions that you have experienced in the past 20 years then you could be entitled to compensation. Even if you have not worked in the guilty industry for many years, you can claim retroactively. Such afflictions and diseases can often take a long time to manifest themselves. These afflictions can severely disrupt the personal and private life of the sufferer later in life.

    One such affliction is Industrial Deafness. This ailment is often caused by a worker being exposed to consistent and loud noises for prolonged periods without the correct and adequate safety equipment. If an employer subjected their workforce to such unsatisfactory conditions then they may be liable for Personal Injury Compensation.

    Any injuries that have been caused on the road due to the carelessness or negligence of other drivers can be claimed against. Even those who pride themselves as quality, careful drivers are not exempt from the possibility of a Road Traffic Accident. The careless driving of other parties can affect anybody on the road. Significant physical and psychological damage can be caused by road traffic accidents and the sufferers may be entitled to significant Personal Injury Compensation.

    A slip or trip may not seem like a particularly serious accident, the subsequent fall can impart significant damage to the sufferer. If the conditions of a public walkway were not of satisfactory standard and led to the slip or trip then a Personal Injury Claim can be made against the guilty party. Furthermore if the carelessness of others leads to an injury then they are susceptible for Personal Injury Compensation.

    If you have been injured at work then you may be entitled to make an Personal Injury Claim. Many workplaces bring with them a myriad of potential dangers and pitfalls. If you employer’s or co-workers’ negligent or careless actions have led to an injury then they may be liable for Personal Injury Compensation.

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